Loosely based on Puccini’s 1896 opera La Bohème, Jonathon Larsons’ Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning rock opera RENT follows a year in the lives of seven friends as they deal with love, loss, and artistic struggle in New York’s pre-gentrified Lower East Side of the 1990s.  Although the cultural landscape of Bohemia has changed quite a bit since Larson wrote RENT in the mid-nineties, the enduring themes are still as topical as ever. Kate’s love for the show started in 1996 when she saw it on Broadway for the first time, changing her forever. The magic and electricity of the production, the moving struggles with addiction, poverty and AIDS, and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit draw you in, hug you tight, and throw you back onto the street after the curtains drop, replete with a renewed vigor for life. Kate knew she had to kick off her theatre career with this brilliant piece. Armed with the approval of the original RENT production team in New York, Over the Moon produced RENT in the spring of 2011. The show was performed at a warehouse in industrial downtown Los Angeles, where an artistic renaissance was underway in the vein of 1990s Alphabet City.  The musical numbers were the same, but we added our own special West Coast touch to everything else: drinks were served to the audience in brown paper bags, local L.A. musicians provided the live score, and concessions included RENT iconic memorabilia (like Captain Crunch and “Mimi” hair glitter). The show was an instant success, selling out all 12 performances a month before opening. Reviewers, fans and previous RENT cast members raved about the freshness of watching the show performed in its original habitat along with the cast’s infectious talent. We are proud to have RENT lead the way in what we hope will be a very successful and long-running future.